Alternatives to iGoogle – 3 killer among them


iGoogle is a service from Google that is Google’s personalized homepage based on Ajax that can be customized easily. As per the report iGoogle will not be available from the beginning of 2013 November. The official explanation behind this statement is that ” currently there are many apps based on android and chrome, that does the same function of iGoogle.”Before going to the alternatives to iGoogle, you should understand the function behind iGoogle. It is basically custom homepage where you can add gadgets for various uses. They includes weather, news, mail, Photo frame, Google Gram, YouTube Channel, Daily Literary Quote etc. The simple aim behind this service to display many contents under a single page.Google promotes Google Plus as Alternatives for iGoogle but iGoogle have its own features. May be they can fill 80% of iGoogle’s features using Google plus but it won’t be enough to fill the void of iGoogle.

iGoogle alternatives that you can try

 1. My Yahoo

Best iGoogle alternative that I found the best. It is powered by the world’s best search engine yahoo. An attractive version of My yahoo was released on last month which turns it to the best iGoogle alternative than the other following alternatives. My Yahoo have sleek design and comparatively easy to manage. One of the bad thing I found on My Yahoo was, there is an advertisement area that can’t be adjust using users activity. This ad space cuts down huge amount of the available work space.

My Yahoo Summary:

  • Easy to use
  • Possible to add RSS feed.
  • Add content directly from browser.
  • Special Features are limited.
  • Huge ad slots are bad.
  • Huge customization is not possible
 2. MY MSN

Another alternative to iGoogle. While entering to the link, a popup arrives for asking to create MY MSN page. You can easily understand what is going on the world under sports, politics, weather, news, entertainment, fashion etc by adding appropriate gadgets to your MY MSN home page. Here you can easily import contents from your favorite domains and get to them from anywhere. Like iGoogle and MY Yahoo, you can import RSS feeds and possible to choose how much information you see for each of them.

My MSN Summary:

  • Registration Free.
  • No social media integration.
  • Supportive pages for mobile devices.
  • Little bit of advertisements.
  • Possible to add RSS feed.
  • large collection of gadgets
 3. iGHome

Similar name as that of iGoogle. iGHome have the same functions that of iGoogle but it is not affiliated or operated along with Google. As there is no relationship with Google, they provides link to Google services like Gmail, Calender, Feedly, Bookmarks, Maps, Images, YouTube, News and Drive. The registration is completely free and you can install Social media gadgets to this homepage. iGHome is totally a  home page, which can be  customize with a variety of gadgets and feeds, and possible to arrange as per your wish. You might have a clock widget here, news window there, a weather update on a corner , a blog feed, and so on.

 iGHome Summary

  • Free registration
  • Cannot add content from browser.
  • Totally private page
  • Possible to add RSS feeds.

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