5 important sidebar widgets that every bloggers must have


Cooking up a website with useful and necessary resources make it well popular. Content is the main resource behind a blogs success. Placing of Social media and sharing icons, well looking designs, place for user interaction also make your blog viral. Here we are discussing about some  important sidebar widgets that are necessary for a blog. Having these widgets results in the popularity or your blog in one or another way.

Important sidebar widgets For your blog

1. Popular  post widget

Popular post means those articles or posts that seems viral on your blog. You can easily integrate these widgets on WordPress and blogger without any coding knowledge. In WordPress you can customize the popular articles by Today’s popular, Week’s popular, Month’s popular and even the popular article from your blog history. No need of using an external plugin for this service for both WordPress and blogger.

2. Recent post widget

Recent articles means those articles you wrote recently. This widget helps visitors what type or articles are you used to post and read it, if they are not visiting your home page. Lazy fellows who are not willing to visit your home page, while viewing an internal article surely got the benefit. Like popular post widget, recent post widget are available with out any plugin.

3. Search Box

Another important sidebar widget. Most of themes in WordPress and blogger have customized search boxes. This allows user to search your entire blog by using a keyword. If you are an adsense publisher, you can add a custom search engine that will find results of your blog and also let you earn some money. Recommended if you are getting huge traffic.

4. Subscription buttons

Getting traffic from Social media sites have the same importance like getting organic traffic from search engines. So you should enable at least 5 social subscription buttons. This allows your visitors to follow you through Facebook, Google plus, twitter etc. There are no inbuilt subscription widgets for blogger and WordPress. So try finding the suitable one for your theme.

5. Category and Archive widget

Category widget allows users to search your blog under some category. It is also an essential widget. You can customize category widget as your wish. Archive makes searching your blog upon some month and year. This helps readers to view your primary articles from your blog history.

Personally I recommend the above widgets on your blog sidebars. From my point of view these are the must have sidebar widgets. If you are using some alternative way to use these widgets, no problem. Eg: having popular and recent articles on footer, social subscription buttons inside articles etc. It is better if you are using widgets like advertisements, important pages, about you etc. Don’t load your blog with huge plugins, which affects your blogs loading time.

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